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CURE FIP™ Donate enables cat owners to use our proprietary fund-raising platforms to pay for feline infectious peritonitis treatment.  When you use the fund raised on our platform to purchase FIP treatment, you receive a matching donation from Cure FIP™ of equal or lesser value in the form of our FIP treatment.  


Example: You raised fund to buy 1 vial of our antiviral injection. Upon checkout, we will send you 2 vials.

How the Program Works:
1.  Start a public fundraising campaign by clicking on the button below.
2.  Share your campaign link with friends and family via social media and emails to request their help.
3.  When you have raised sufficient money to purchase any of our treatments, contact us via our chat box or WhatsApp to inform us you want to make a purchase using the available fund.

5.  Go to to place an order.  
6.  We will ship your order within 24 hours.

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