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Leczenie Naszego Axelka

Klaudia Bartosik


23 Mar 2022

بضع كلمات من Fundraiser

Aksel. A small, cheerful troublemaker :)

My Dears! I’m Aksel, beloved kitten of my senior owners.

I moved in to them about 4 months ago and I felt very comfortable right away.

They took care of me, cuddled me, let me play and gave me various treats.

They even let me play on the!

This is how I look like:


I’m really cute, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, this wonderful time didn't last long ;( Recently my Lady noticed that I don't have such an appetite and even a liver won't convince me to eat, that my eyes don't laugh anymore and I don't like play with her.

That is why she took me to the vet. They examined me up to 2 times that day, in the morning and in the afternoon. They said that I am sick... : ( They x-rayed my tummy and took fluid from it for examination, with such a big needle! I was really brave all the time, because I’m a 6 months old tiger!!! But my Lady was very nervous and she was cuddling and kissing me, much more than usually. I tried to explain to her that it will be fine, I will get the medicine and I will play with her again! Like always :)

But... it turned out that I wouldn't get the medicine, because the doctor is not allow to do that (!!). So, my Lady has to look for it somewhere, what is really not easy task. Especially in Poland, where I live.

When I hid behind my pillow, I heard my Lady crying and saying that she would do everything, just to make me healthy again. She is so worried all the time, because the cure is very expensive and she may not have enough money for it!

This disease is so insidious and is called infectious peritonitis. It's very difficult to cure it and my Lady cries all day long. And sometimes I don't have the strength to support her. I just lie on her and dream that everything is all right and I hope that she hears my thoughts and how much I thank them for taking such good care of me. They don't want any other cat but only me! and keep on fighting even when someone says it's pointless.

Fortunately, also my aunt has not given up and has already found me medication for 10 days! But, 10 days is not enough to make me healty again : ( I have to be treated 84 days with very painful injections ;(

That's why I ask everyone who has a good heart for animals to help me, because when I see so much sadness in my Ladie’s eyes, my cat's heart is just breaking. I wanna be cheerful troublemaker again !!

See below my tests from the Doctor, so that you know that I really have this infectious peritonitis. It is also called F...! For now we are still waiting for the exact results of that fluid they took from my belly with this awful, big needle.


The Doctor said that this is just the beginning of this disease and that I am very lucky that my Lady reacted so quickly and my Auntie found this little bit of medicine.

So please, please, please help me to get back to health, to play, to eat delicacies and to continue to be a treasure for those who gave me a home, take care of me and love me so much. Because I would love to be healthy again, without that water in my belly and away from needles!

Thank you in advance from the bottom of my cat's heart! All good vibes always come back❤️🙏 MIAU





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