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Margo - the ukrainian Warrior cat

Kateryna Vovk


4 Apr 2022

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Hi! This is a story about my cat Margo who is a true fighter. She is 11 years old and she's been with me through thick and thin. She is a Metis cat who I had adopted a long time ago. She has been the center of my life since. An energetic, curious, loveable cat and I - we were happy together, living in a small Ukrainian city, which is called Zhytomyr. But then the war began.


For the first week, we couldn't believe what was happening and we hoped it wouldn't reach our doors. When the sirens came - we went to hide in the cellar (which isn't easy to get to when you live on the 8th floor) and even though my whiskers complained a lot - we thought it wouldn't last for long.


Yet, on the 4th of March, shelling completely destroyed a school near our house. All the windows in our apartment were blown out and broken. The walls in our apartment were severely damaged and we needed to flee as soon as possible. Although Margo is a brave superhero cat, like most of the housecats, she hated transport and the outdoors, and as you can imagine the journey wasn't easy.


We moved from one place to another, trying to get closer to the Ukrainian-Polish border. Complete strangers helped us and sheltered us on the way - asking no money in return. We were lucky as hell and to this day I will be forever grateful to those people. It took us a week to get to Berlin, where we are now, staying at my friends' apartment - trying to get registered, and looking for a job.


At first, Margo showed no symptoms: she was as playful as always, eating well and pooing like clockwork. Unfortunately, just in a week, she stopped eating or drinking. She lost a lot of weight. Her temperature went up and she was very weak. We went to the vet clinic and the doctor examined her. She thought that there is probably something stuck in her rectum. We treated her as we were told with antibiotics (Clavaseptin Amoxicillin) and in 5 days she felt a lot better. The doctor told us we could stop the treatment and her well-being lasted for exact 2 days. Then she got even worse than she had been a week ago. We went to the vet one more time and have found out that she has FIP.


I was devastated. The doctor sent us to Curefip and told us that the disease in fact could be treated, but we needed a lot of money - which I happened to not have. When leaving Ukraine - I have left everything there: my home, my job, my life. I have got some savings that we used to get to Berlin and to survive on while I am looking for a job (my mom has no knowledge of the language so all bets are on me for the time being), but the rest of the savings wouldn't be enough to cure Margo completely.


Right now, I am shaking while typing this story, because I am so afraid of losing her. She is my everything, she is a family and I don't know how to live without her. She has been with me through the toughest times giving me love and hope and being such a perfect loving cat. Every good memory that I have is of me being with her. She is fighting like a champ, trying to beat the FIP. She is the most badass cat I have ever seen. The fact that I can't help her, that I can't cure her, just sitting here watching her in pain, watching the life leaving her is killing me. If only I could take away her pain and suffer through it myself. If only she could speak and tell me what is bothering her.


I hate the fact that I cannot handle this on my own and I would never have thought that I would be doing this right now. The war brought so much pain and tragedy to my life and now it is trying to take my cat with it. I do realize that it is incomparable to what other people in Ukraine feel: those who have lost their families, their beloved ones, those who are still in hiding, those who have seen death. And therefore I apologize, but my love for this cat cannot be measured - for she is my blood, a member of my family and I would do anything for her.


The doctors at Curefip advised me 18 vials of the 30 mg to complete Margo's treatment since she has got a Neurological type (sometimes her walking is wobbly and it is hard for her to walk). I probably can cover up to 6 vials, but I need some help with the rest. A bundle of 12 vials is €1870. I sincerely apologize for taking away so much of your time and I am very grateful for any help.


Thank you, thank you, thank you...




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