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The Sad Truth about FIP Warriors and FIP Fighters Admins

As we help evermore cat owners save their cats from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), some have become very loyal and supportive to us. They often sent us messages warning us about the bad behaviours of FIP Warriors and FIP Fighters Admins. These bad behaviours include:

1. Claiming that we are scams.

2. Claiming that our GS-441524 is of low quality because they have supposedly done tests on their own. (here is an example of our actual test report done independently by ISO certified labs)

3. Claiming we are a 3rd party reseller. (We only sell our own brand of FIP treatment directly to cat owners. We work directly with a carefully chosen manufacturer to make our own formulation. Unlike FIP Warriors and FIP Fighters Admins, who are genuine resellers of brands.)

While these Admins provided zero evidence to support their claims, they often achieved their aim by planting doubts based on outright lies, and then steered cat owners to one of their "approved" brands.

Today, I am going to set the record straight on how FIP Warriors and FIP Fighters function as organisations, and what "approved' brands really mean to these Admins.

To put it bluntly, it is about money. Both organisations are giant marketing and sales funnels for certain brands of FIP treatments. [read our blog on FIP telenovela]

Today, they are the largest GS-441524 sales organisations online, while maintaining the appearance of cat owners self-help organisations to keep their sales agenda secretive and effective.

Here is how these organisations works:

1. Someone post on one of their groups seeking FIP treatment.

2. Various Admins representing cat owners and enthusiastic helpers chime in, respond either publicly or privately using languages such as 'I have pm'ed you'. Admin are assigned territories and have sales targets. Other Admins play the role of cat owners and responding to the posts to validate what the selling admin claims.

3. Cat's owners are steered towards an 'approved' brand based on their budget and willingness to pay. If they can afford higher price products, Mutian is usually offered as the default choice. If they have limited funds, then a low price brand is offered. Either way, only the brands that have entered into commission paying agreements are promoted to cat owners. "Telenovelas Style Drama between Mutian and FIP Warriors"

The Admins are not some altruistic cat lovers. They are disguised resellers. While they claim our brands are not to be trusted. In truth, these Admins are the ones who should not be trusted by cat owners. While we operate in the light, offering FIP treatment and knowledge openly, they operate in the shadows, disguising their true motives.

So why do FIP Warriors talk bad about us...?

Because we are their competition. We have never requested collaboration with these platforms. We decided long ago not do business with them because we did not like their business practices. How dare think they can provide FIP treatment without kowtowing to FIP Warriors and FIP Fighters admins? Needless to say, they don't like us. We attract customers who want simple transparent buying experience direct from the brand.

Their name smearing didn't stop with us. When our customers who were also members of their groups publicly defended us, they got blocked, their messages erased. Yet, these admins pose as cat owners to join our CUREFIP Facebook Group. Then send public and private messages and fights to be the first to respond to any post in CUREFIP group, redirecting cat owners to FIP Warrior or FIP Fighter groups.

What we have just wrote may feel quite upsetting for some cat owners. We have kept quiet about this for a very long time. But enough is enough.

As cat owners, you should be able to seek help freely. We are not here to stop you from getting help from FIP Warriors or FIP Fighters. We just want you to be cautious, and no put 100% faith in their words. They have ulterior motives and hidden agendas. There are good souls in those groups. However, as a whole, both groups operate on a very unethical basis. We will continue to operate our way, honest, open and direct. We hope you like how we operate and support us. We will do our best to support you and save your cats from FIP.

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